Satochi Nakamoto

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1 How is Satoshi Nakamoto ?

How is Satoshi Nakamoto ?

Hi is the creator of Bitcoin, published in emails and forum posts during the span of a little over two years during which Bitcoin was launched and became established.

Anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin and, more specifically, about the thought processes of its creator will appreciate in

Its content will be an easy read for anyone having a background in computer software.

However, economists and investors without a background in information technology may also be interested in Satoshi’s writings, some of which concern economic concepts.

Depending on background and interest, certain readers may be interested in only certain chapters.
To enable readers to derive maximum benefit from Satoshi’s writings, we’ve included a chapter entitled

How and Why Bitcoin Works” that provides an introduction to the key concepts of Bitcoin and the fundamental principles on which it is based.

This should help the reader gain sufficient understanding to comprehend the majority of the chapters which follow.

Chapters are presented in chronological order, from the earliest post in which Satoshi presents the germinal idea of Bitcoin to the most recent, which marks his withdrawal from public life.

“Part of this content comes from various Internet forums:, and the cryptography mail archive.
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